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Sri Mathrutva Charitable Trust

Sri Mathrutva team is been privileged by the grace of you people. We are a charitable, non-profit organization with the purpose of supporting quality education, good health for the kids and adults.

Our Programs


Creative Little Mind

We support & encourage kids who are extremely enthusiastic to pursue education but are not in a position to do so. we make sure that every aspect of education is covered in a holistic and creative approaches.


Healthy Kids

Kids are back-bone of any culture. We support children whose lives have been turned upside down by deadly life-threatening diseases related to blood disorders such as Leukemia, Thalassaemia. We link them to health centers where they can be treated precisely while giving parents opportunities to recover and the time to begin to address the significant changes in their lives.


Caring For Lonely Souls

To be alone is the most painful thing in anyone’s life. We empower such grief-stricken souls by nurturing them with love, care and medical support. Many destitute aged people are suffering from a variety of health issues. We give solace to such people by providing them with the basic medical support and ensure that they lead a happy life thereafter.

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