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Vacation activities at home

12 Vacation Activities for Children at Home

Swetha Prasanna 22 Apr 2022

Mid-summer has just rung in bringing in relief for children from their hectic schedule of school and exams. On the other hand, most parents worry about how to engage children during the summer holidays. Truth be said, engaging children can indeed seem daunting, if you do not have any planned vacation activities for children at home.

Summer vacation activities for children

Instead of handing the digital devices to children to play with and pass time, there are several healthy, productive, and nurturing home-based vacation activities for children. Interested to know what they are? Move on in this post.

1. Family Tree

Children with roots held in the families feel secure and grow up responsibly. Utilize the holiday time to introduce your children to relatives and family members either on phone call, virtually, or in person.

Encourage children to introduce themselves and ask questions to the extended family members to get to know them better.

Once they are familiar with all family members, make your child record the details of each one as a family tree on a chart or in a notebook. This is one of the exciting summer vacation activities for those children who rarely get an opportunity to connect and meet relatives.

family tree

2. Storywriting

Encouraging children to creative writing develops their communication skills and expands their thinking. Let your child unleash their hidden creativity and imagination through story writing and telling.

Encourage them to write short stories with animal or cartoon characters as summer holiday activities at home. You will be surprised how children imagine and visualize their fantasy world when your little ones share their story!

3. Offer a canvas

Drawing is one of the activities that children love to indulge in. Before they get bored and scribble on your walls, arrange for them a nice canvas.

Based on the age of children, paper, drawing books, canvas, or a professional drawing board suits best to transport the children into their imaginative world of drawing.

Painting a wall with a chalkboard and arranging colored chalk pieces is another fantastic idea to engage children that love drawing.


4. Block building and construction activities

Block building develops cognitive skills in children. It is one of the best home-based vacation activities for children to engage them for hours together.

Guide them how to build diverse constructions with blocks by showing related references. Lego sets, Jenga blocks, playing cards, and cardboards are excellent raw materials for your child’s construction activities for summer holiday activities at home.


5. Introduce cooking

Cooking is one of the essential survival skills children must be familiar with. For children below ten years, introduce recipes that do not need fire or stove.

Salads, sandwiches, and instant mixes like Indian bhel are nice entrants for your kid’s journey with cooking. For children between 11 and 15, induction-based cooking is a good start.

Gradually, you can teach them the kitchen safety rules and get them started with basic recipes like breakfast and quick snacks.


6. Get-togethers and play dates with friends

Children need liveliness and companions. Let your child not feel alone at home because of being away from friends and school during the vacation time.

As part of summer holiday activities at home, organize get-togethers and play dates with their friends weekly or bi-weekly.

Add life to the get-togethers with activities such as indoor games, board games, dumb charades, and treasure hunts.

These vacation activities at home imparts children the sense of being close to their peers despite holidays and satiates their craving for fun and frolic.


7. Engage with online learning

Today’s children have a plethora of free and premium learning resources at their fingertips. Identify your child’s area of interest and hone their skills through online learning.

Guide your child to learn a new skill, language, oil painting, calligraphy, robotics, art, activity, classical music, dance, yoga, basics of computers, technical skills, or hobby of their interest at a more professional level.


8. Farming and gardening

One of the underrated vacation activities at home is to let your child learn and understand the beauty of cultivation.

Encourage balcony gardening or farming based on the availability of open land and resources to teach children how to grow their food. This is an excellent approach to take children closer to nature and away from digital screens.


9. Explaining them the beauty of culture and mother language

As unfortunate as it sounds, many children today possess minimal knowledge in writing and speaking their mother language. Holiday time provides the necessary bandwidth for children to learn and appreciate their mother language.

Short storybooks in the mother language are a good way to introduce words and sentences to children. Gradually, you can introduce poems, proverbs, grammar, songs, and advanced writing in the mother language.


10. Scrapbooking

If you have a huge collection of newspapers and magazines at home, teaching your child about scrapbooking is one of the inexpensive and engaging home-based activities for children.

Allot children a dedicated area for their vacation activities at home. Let them go through and explore the book and paper collection and then cut out the images/news/articles of their interest.

Guide them how to stick the cut-outs in the scrapbook sequentially. As they fall in love with scrapbooking, your child will be proud of their collection no soon!

11. News watching, aptitude development, and dairy writing

You can include these mentioned in the list of summer activities for 12-year-olds and above. Make it a practice for your child to watch the news and note the headlines and important events. This summer vacation activity at home helps to introduce children to global happenings and current affairs.

Similarly, allot a time every day for improving their aptitude and reasoning skills. This develops their problem-solving capacity and critical thinking skills.

Likewise encourage them to start dairy writing and penning down their daily thoughts and experiences. This habit gives them a healthy emotional outlet as the child grows up.


12. Home cleaning

Let your child not look at cleaning as a heavy task. As a part of vacation activities at home, teach them how to break down the cleaning chore into smaller tasks and organize the living space.

Once children learn how to clean and organize, they will comprehend how much effort is needed to maintain the room neatness and will respect the efforts behind it.

Similarly, including children in car wash sessions, cleaning the garden, watering the plants, etc. teaches them how to care for the house.


Vacation can be a learning time in a fun-filled way!

In their daily routine of 8-5 classes, homework, and extra-curricular activities, children are left with minimal time and energy to learn the essential skills that promote their holistic development.

These home-based vacation activities for children fill the gap in their overall learning and development and help them evolve into individuals who take pride in their roots.

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