7 Ways How Parents Can Promote Children’s Mental Health

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7 Ways How Parents Can Promote Children’s Mental Health

srimathrutva 28 Mar 2023

In this competitive world, children are under immense pressure. Their parents want them to excel in every field and expect them to be smart enough to succeed everywhere. On the other hand, as parents become busy with their work routines, children find the least time to spend with them. Together, the pressure and the lack of family time are indirectly affecting children’s mental health.  

Besides, with numerous reasons ranging from nuclear families to single parents, academic stress to loneliness, health issues to family and societal pressures, children find themselves amidst emotional turmoil. In this article, we shared simple tips on how parents can enhance their children’s mental health. 

Children’s Mental Health: Parental Role

It is a common notion that only adults deal with mental stress. Unfortunately, even children can go through the same. Parents often ignore their ward’s mental condition and focus mainly on their physical well-being. They assume that providing healthy drinks and food will be enough for the child, but it does not suffice.

Most parents often ignore the notice of the mental well-being of their children. This happens because a child’s physique is visible, but mental disorders often lie hidden. The truth is — if a child is mentally strong, they can be physically fit. But, if a child is mentally unfit, they cannot be strong physically.  


Parents must be cautious of some signs and visible symptoms that may hint at poor mental health in their children. Children with poor mental health may often display some symptoms as below:

  • Frequent temper tantrums
  • Aloofness
  • Inability to concentrate on studies
  • Poor performance in school
  • Complaints from teachers
  • Lack of friends
  • Obesity and eating disorders

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Through simple changes in the way they deal with their children, parents can boost their children’s mental health. We discussed them hereunder:

1. Healthy communication

Regular and effective communication is the key to building a strong relationship with kids. Parents must ensure that the child feels comfortable with them coming up with their problems. They should create an environment where children feel free to openly discuss their issues. This promotes the child’s mental health as they feel secure that they can share their problems with their parents and don’t have to keep anything for themselves.

2. Quality sleep and rest

Sleep and rest are vital for everyone, especially kids. Children need proper sleep as they are engaged in various activities like studying, sports, painting, playing, and many more. All these activities consume energy, both physically and mentally. If the children do not get proper sleep and rest, they may become irritated due to tiredness. Sleep also promotes healthy growth both physically and mentally. So, parents should ensure that their child quality sleep and rest.

3. Regular Exercise 

Exercise plays a vital role in helping children grow into healthy individuals. Regular exercise promotes children’s mental health in addition to physical fitness. Irrespective of their busy academic and non-academic schedules, parents must encourage their wards to exercise regularly. It reduces stress and maintains both physical and mental health.

4. Disciplined lifestyle

Parents must encourage their kids to set fixed schedules to play, study, sleep, or do other activities. It teaches them how to manage their time and helps them in the future. Inculcating such a disciplined routine allows kids to enjoy their activities, allot time for diverse activities, and promote their holistic growth.

5. Spend time with children

Despite their busy routines, parents must allocate time for their children. They must join their kids in playing, studying, storytelling, reading, gardening, playing with pets, outdoor games, and other activities. All these promote children’s mental health and allow them to grow strong amidst a secure environment. Additionally, this rapport makes children feel comfortable talking and sharing everything with their parents.

6. Motivate

As it is popularly said, every child is different, like flowers in a garden. Some children are good at studies, while some excel in other activities. However, some children may not be active and shine as their parents intend to. Such kids are generally hesitant to show their results to their parents. In such instances, parents should motivate their children in every possible way rather than pressurizing them by comparing them with others. It will boost confidence in children and promotes their mental health.

7. Encourage children to make new friends 

Parents must allow children to make friends and socialize. Making friends with their age group will make children feel happier and more confident. Interacting with friends and peers exposes children to concepts they may miss otherwise. Getting along with friends makes them confident. Importantly, friends are a channel for children to talk and share their problems which they may hesitate to share with their parents. Thus, good friends play a pivotal role in promoting children’s mental health.


Parents’ role is vital in promoting children’s mental health. It is necessary to build a strong foundation for children’s future through good mental health by caring and showering unconditional love. Parental love, care, and time always help kids develop emotional and social skills critical to lead a healthy, happy, fulfilling life.

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