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Cow milk ayurveda

Cow Milk in Ayurveda: Nutrition, Myths and Facts

srimathrutva 19 Sep 2022

GoMata, the Sanskrit term for cow, explains how Ayurveda revered cows as Mothers. The evident practice that newborns are fed with cow’s milk in cases of unavailability of mother’s milk explains it all. This post shines a light on the health benefits, nutrition, and best practices to consume cow milk.

How to Increase Breast Milk Supply

How to increase breast milk supply naturally?

Swetha Prasanna 02 Aug 2022

In this article, we discussed how to increase breast milk supply naturally and what a new mother must know about breastfeeding.

Urinary Tract INfection

Urinary Tract Infection: Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

Swetha Prasanna 23 Jun 2022

In the USA alone, 4 million doctor visits happen because of UTIs in men and women.

This article educates about urinary tract infection, causes, symptoms and prevention measures.

Vacation activities at home

12 Vacation Activities for Children at Home

srimathrutva 22 Apr 2022

Truth be said, engaging children can indeed seem daunting, if you do not have any planned vacation activities for children at home.

Social Media for Kids

Social Media for Kids: Healthy Practices to Teach and Implement

srimathrutva 01 Apr 2022

Unsurprisingly, the question “how to ensure safety on social media for kids?” haunts every responsible parent.

As we move below, we will take a closer view into why is social media bad for kids and the effective practices that ensure social media safety for kids.

Cancer Prevention Header

Preventing Cancer, The Nutrition and Lifestyle Way

srimathrutva 01 Feb 2022

Research about diet related cancer triggers are ongoing. Meanwhile, it is essential to follow an active lifestyle that includes adequate exercise, healthy diet and quality sleep for preventing cancer.

Technical Skills for Kids

Technical Skills for Kids: What, Why and How to Teach

srimathrutva 12 Nov 2021

Besides preparing them to get into their dream colleges, technical skills help them live independently and excel in careers. Listed below are technical skills for kids that supplement scholastics and assist children throughout their learning age and beyond.

Diwali Story

Diwali Stories We Should Share With Our Children

srimathrutva 30 Oct 2021

How would that be if we could let our children know the significance of Diwali by narrating them Diwali stories? Won’t they fall in love with the festival more? Come join us as we uncover the Diwali stories below so you can fascinate your children with the same.

Thalassemia nutrition

Thalassemia Diet: A Basic Guide to Nutrition for Thalassemia Patients

srimathrutva 25 Aug 2021

Thalassemia nutrition

Thalassemia affects approximately 4.4 of every 10000 live births throughout the world. Caretakers of thalassemia patients need to follow special considerations in terms of the thalassemia diet. The nutritional needs of  Thalassemia Patients vary based on their transfusion needs.

Guru Purnima Header

Guru Purnima Significance: Importance of Guru in Our Life

srimathrutva 16 Jul 2021

Guru Purnima is an auspicious day to receive the blessings of the Guru. It is a day marked to honor Gurus who made a mark on our life. The day is spiritually and socially an important one for Indians.