Technical Skills for Kids: What, Why and How to Teach

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Technical Skills for Kids

Technical Skills for Kids: What, Why and How to Teach

Swetha Prasanna 12 Nov 2021

The introduction of digitalization and globalization changed the landscape of careers decades ago. Children of today need skills in extra measures than what they learn at school. Undoubtedly academics help children to prepare for their future. In addition, if schools and parents can teach technical skills to kids, that would lay a solid foundation for their future.

Essential Technical Skills for Kids

Besides preparing them to get into their dream colleges, technical skills help them live independently and excel in careers. Listed below are technical skills for kids that supplement scholastics and assist children throughout their learning age and beyond.

Logic, Reasoning, and Aptitude

Critical thinking is one of the gaps that school education often fails to fill. Studies find that children that excel in logic and reasoning can learn math and science faster. A logical bent of mind also assists children in making critical decisions in life and career.

Teach this way:

Dedicate a couple of hours weekly to teach logical reasoning to your kids. Share riddles and puzzles and encourage them to solve them by thinking logically.

Basic repairs and maintenance

Besides helping them in emergencies, teaching them how to handle basic repairs at home will instil confidence in children. It helps them understand the functionality of various appliances that we rely on in our daily life. Teaching such basics of machines also can trigger their curiosity. It drives them towards emerging into future engineers that can redesign the world.

Teach this way:

Encourage your children to observe you when you do such repairs and maintenance works. They can replicate them on their toys or in real-time if the kid’s age supports doing so.

Computer Skills

Unsurprisingly, children today are surrounded by technology in greater doses than we were in our childhood. To help them catch this pace, getting your kids started with computers and the internet to a safe extent can improve their technical skills.

Teach this way:

Show your little kids how to use the mouse and the keyboard. Let them play with text and image editors. Demonstrate how to compose an email and add attachments to your elder children. Create a personal email for children and use it as one of the means of communication. Do not forget to teach them online etiquette, internet, and email safety.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Skills

Children of higher grades require an introduction to programming, robotics, and artificial intelligence. It brings them closer to the future tech and helps hone the technical skills of kids.

Teach this way:

Start with online games in this niche. Take the help of online videos and enroll them in free courses that teach them the basics of AI. Introduce them the books related to robotics, AI, and great scientists in this field. DIY robotic kits and playsets are excellent ways to teach AI-related technical skills to kids.

Tech Skill

Benefits of Teaching Technical Skills to Kids

The shift towards imbibing technical skills in kids helps them thrive in school, career, and life. Here we provide solid reasons why you should imbibe technical skills in kids from an early age.

Unleashes their hidden potential:

Children love to try and experiment. Teaching technical skills for kids lets them explore beyond scholastics and unleashes their hidden potential in no time.

Bridges the gender gap:

Experts indicate that the participation of parents and teachers in teaching technical skills to kids from a tender age is crucial in bridging the gender gap in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Medicine (STEM) domain.

Specialized attention to girls in teaching technical skills through workshops, seminars, and clubs can benefit and brighten their education and career opportunities.

Tech Skill

Satiates their inquisitiveness:

Books and scholastics open the gates to learning and knowledge for kids. Technical skills, on the other hand, satiate their curious minds.

They take them closer to real life and give them a chance to observe and understand the essentials of life.

Makes them job-ready:

The future of our children is all about technology. Imbibing technical skills in children from school age prepares them for their dream education and career.

Children with technical skills can grow into professionals adept in problem-solving and decision-making. It helps them to excel in the workplace and professional success.

Wrapping Up

Teachers, parents, and schools – everyone has their role in imparting technical skills to kids. Doing so holistically brightens their future. It is the least we could do to prepare our children to face tomorrow.

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