Understanding Homeopathy Myths and Facts

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Homeopathy myths and facts

Understanding Homeopathy Myths and Facts

srimathrutva 14 Mar 2023

Widely recognized by the “medicine-coated sugar pills”, Homeopathy has been considered one of the safest medicinal practices with little to no side effects. Homeopathy is a therapeutic method that uses minuscule amounts of diluted solutions, which aid the body in healing on its own.

According to the World Health Organization, homeopathy is the second largest system of healing in the world. However, various non-medical and non-homeopathic communities have created myths and misconceptions about homeopathy. This article shines a light on homeopathy myths and facts that everyone should know.

Myth 1: Homeopathy medicines are slow-acting.

Fact: Homeopathic medicine treats acute conditions such as diarrhea, fevers, or any infection within a day. The action is considered as slow against chronic medical conditions. Due to the nature of the condition, the treatment of chronic medical conditions will take a significant amount of time, whether the treatment is provided through allopathy, ayurveda, naturopathy, or homeopathy.

Besides, people tend to homeopathy to cure their chronic diseases after trying other alternate medications. This could also result in the aggravation of diseases by then, taking more time for the homeo medicine to show its effect.

Terming homeopathy medicine as slow against chronic medical conditions is a big misconception.

Myth 2: Homeopathy is a placebo.

Fact: Various scientific studies have proved that homeopathy is not a placebo. Homeopathy showed healing effects on fragile newborns and animals such as lions and dogs.

Homeopaths consider the psychological and pharmacological status of the patient to prescribe the medicine and the dosage. The sugar pills act as a carrier for the medicinal liquid.

This will discard the argument that homeopathy is a placebo.

Myth 3: Homeopathy medicines contain steroids and heavy metals.

Fact: Homeopathic medicines are prepared from natural sources such as plants and minerals. It does not contain any steroids or heavy metals. The medicines are prepared by adhering to strict standardization guidelines, and the quality of the medicines is checked before their release into the market.

Therefore, Homeo medicines can be consumed by patients of all ages, as it does not have any adverse effects on the body.

Myth 4: Homeopathy medicines should not be consumed while undergoing conventional treatment.

Fact: Most patients who opt for homeopathy medicines might already be undergoing conventional or herbal treatments. Such patients do not have to discontinue these medications, as the functional mechanism of homeopathy medicine is different from conventional or herbal medicines.

If any drug interferes with the homeopathy medicines, the homeopathic doctor will inform the patient beforehand and make the dose adjustment. This is why it is important that the patient tells the Homeopath about their existing medical condition and the medication they are on.

Myth 5: Trust antibiotics rather than homeopathy medicines for effectively treating infection.

Fact: This homeopathy myth was started by big pharmaceutical companies. Numerous practitioners have observed that bacteria or any other form of infection respond positively to homeopathy medicines, and there was no need for antibiotics to treat the infection.

Antibiotics are known to have severe adverse effects on our bodies, whereas homeopathic medicines can be taken by any individual as they do not give any side effects.

In the rarest cases, the patient has to consume antibiotics along with homeopathy medicines. For example, if the patient has lost the capacity to recover from the infection and the infection is rampant in the body, then the patient can consume antibiotics along with homeopathy medicines to recover faster.

Myth 6: Homeopathy is a herbal medicine.

Fact: Homeopathy medicines contain herbs, animal products, chemicals, organisms, minerals, etc. Limiting homeopathy just to herbal medicine is a misconception. Homeopathy medicines are prepared using sophisticated techniques implementing robust scientific principles.

Myth 7: Patients should not consume coffee or onion while undergoing homeopathic treatment.

Fact: Various research studies showed that if the patient follows the half-hour rule, then they can eat anything. The half-hour rule states that the patient should not eat or drink anything for half an hour before or after consuming the medicine.

If the patient follows this rule, then they can take onion, coffee, ginger, garlic, etc. There are only some special cases wherein diet restrictions may be imposed for increasing the absorption rate of the medicine. In such cases, the homeopathic doctor informs the patient in advance.

Myth 8: Patients suffering from diabetes should not use homeopathy medicines.

Fact: The diabetic patient can use homeopathy medicines. The small round sugar globules would not increase the sugar levels in the body. The sugar intake of the diabetic patient through the meals was much higher than these small sugar pills. However, the homeopathic doctor will adjust the dose while prescribing the medicines.

Myth 9: Homeopathy medicines may pose side effects.

Fact: There would not be any side effects if the patient consumes the Homeo medicine in the dosage prescribed by the doctor. Rarely some tinctures and triturates may show minor side effects when consumed in high doses. As with any other medication, it is always safe to consume Homeo medicines following the doctor’s suggestion.

Myth 10: There is no proof that Homeopathy medicine works.

Fact: Numerous studies prove the efficacy of Homeo medicines. The term “allopathy” was coined by Samuel Hahnemann, the Founder of Homeopathy, known for his intense pharmacological research. Recent studies by IIT-Bombay on Nano Technology and the French Nobel Laurette on bacterial DNA have revealed the science behind Homeopathy.


Homeopathy is a proven medicine. Homeopaths prescribe medicines based on the mental, emotional, and physical health condition of the patient. Though it appears like “sugar pills for all”, the choice and dosage of the medicinal liquid are based on the patient’s holistic health condition. Homeopathy can treat disorders of various kinds with efficacy. It is a go-to solution for all those suffering from chronic illnesses and who want to cure themselves without the alarming side effects of Allopathy medicines. Share this article and help spread awareness about homeopathy myths and facts so many others will also benefit from this proven system of medication.

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